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Appellate practice involves a collaborative effort among trial and appellate counsel. The skills necessary for success at trial often do not translate into the skills needed for success on appeal. As one federal appellate judge wrote, "Appellate advocacy is, in essence, a business for legal intellectuals" and "a specialty all to itself." See Laurence H. Silberman, "From the Bench: Plain Talk on Appellate Advocacy," ABA Litigation, Spring 1994, at 3, 60. To minimize your risks and maximize your outcomes on an appeal, you need a lawyer who has extensive experience both in navigating the procedural obstacles and in mastering the tone and discernment that are unique to appeals.  Attorney Riordan has extensive experience in assisting trial attorneys in crafting persuasive appellate motions and briefs in the Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri appellate courts, in addition to the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th and 8th Circuits.   She has also acted as special counsel, assisting counsel of record from other jurisdictions in their preparation and submission of appellate briefs to the appellate courts of Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia.


Although the outcome of each appeal depends on the applicable law and facts specific to each case, and the results Attorney Riordan has obtained in other cases does not imply or guarantee a similar outcome under different facts and circumstances, Attorney Riordan's appellate experience and quality legal briefs may make the difference in the outcome of your appeal. When your case calls for exemplary writing and research skills,  ranging from legal memoranda, and dispositive motions, to preparing or editing appellate briefs, call Attorney Riordan for all of your legal writing needs.

Appellate Solutions

Arkansas appeals
Areas of Appellate and Trial Assistance


  • Commercial litigation

  • Real estate disputes

  • Civil and statutory rights

  • Probate

  • Child custody

  • Products liability

  • Class actions

  • Personal injury

  • Health care liability

  • Medical malpractice

Licensed in these Appellate Courts


  • Arkansas

  • Tennessee

  • Kentucky

  • Missouri

  • Oklahoma

  • Pennsylvania (inactive)

  • United States Court of Appeals,
    5th Circuit

  • United States Court of Appeals,
    6th Circuit

  • United States Court of Appeals,
    8th Circuit

Appellate and Writing Services


  • Appellate briefs and petitions

  • Extraordinary writs

  • Legal research and memoranda

  • Dispositive  and pre-trial motions and briefs

  • Jury instructions

  • Editing of appellate briefs and other legal writing

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